Solar Rooftop Installation

  • Blue Sky Rooftop Solar will handle all major aspects of system design and installation, providing a turn-key system that is ready to produce clean, renewable energy right out of the gate.

Our services include:

  1. Obtaining all necessary permits and utility interconnection agreements. We know who to call and what forms you need to sign, and we will guide you through the process step-by-step.
    Requesting and verifying all utility locations at your facility.
  2. Installing all system components safely, neatly, and securely.
    Coordinating the commissioning and activation of the system with the electrical inspector and utility.
  • Our experienced installation crew and administrative staff will maintain an open line of communication throughout the process to ensure that there is virtually no interruption to your daily operations. Blue Sky Rooftop Solar strives to deliver the highest quality service.


  • In a solar electric system that is also tied to the utility grid, the DC power from the solar array is converted into 120/240 volt AC power and fed directly into the utility power distribution system of the building.
  • The power is “net metered,” which means it reduces demand for power from the utility when the solar array is generating electricity – thus lowering the utility bill.
  • These grid-tied systems automatically shut off if utility power goes offline, protecting workers from power being back fed into the grid during an outage.
  • These types of solar-powered electric systems are known as “on grid” or “battery-less” and make up approximately 98% of the solar power systems being installed today.

Operations And Maintenance

  • We bring you the expertise, technology, and well-defined processes to ensure compliance and to maximize the performance of your solar assets.
  • Our O&M systems empower you to monitor and control the cost of risk management.