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Privacy and policy


The Bhavsagar Residential Society's (also known as "Bhavsagar Residential Society," "us," "we," or "our") online interfaces, such as www.bsrs.in, are subject to the privacy policy (the "Policy") (collectively referred to as "Site").

The services provided by the Bhavsagar Residential Society are provided in conjunction with those provided by the Resident Welfare Association (RWA) of the location being serviced. The relevant RWAs are both our partners and clients. As a result, the RWA may directly supply information that is covered by this Policy on behalf of its inhabitants, or it may collect information with the direct consent of residents or other users who may want to interact with the Site.

This Policy explains how Bhavsagar Residential Society gathers, uses, stores, and discloses information on users (also known as "you" or "your") in connection with information shared by RWAs or users of the Site. Any information you upload, any emails you exchange with Bhavsagar Residential Society and other site users, and any information you submit to or give to Bhavsagar Residential Society are all examples of the information that may fall under this category. The RWA, which serves as a custodian of the user data provided under pertinent contracts/arrangements between the RWA and the residents, shall also be referred to as "user," "you," or "your" in this Policy.

Since we value your privacy, we are committed to keeping you informed about how your information is being used. For more information on how we gather and utilize your information, please read our Policy carefully. Additionally, our Terms of Service regulate how you use the website (available on the Site). You are only permitted to use the Site if you concur with the principles and procedures outlined in this Policy when taken together with the Terms of Service.

You consent to the collection and use of the information you disclose on the Site in accordance with this Policy by using the Site and/or by giving us your information. You can send us an email if you need to get in touch with Bhavsagar Residential Society about anything pertaining to this policy or privacy-related matters.

You consent to and agree to the conditions of the Bhavsagar Residential Society's Policy as set out in this document by browsing, viewing, accessing, and/or using the services on the Site. You also acknowledge that the data you provided was accurate, true, and lawful and did not break any rules. Bhavsagar Residential Society is not accountable to you or any third party for any violations, infringements, or provision of false or unauthorized information.


Users' private data is only gathered if they voluntarily submit it to us, usually by emailing us or opening an account with us. We will ask you to fill out a "My Account" with your personal data when you open an account with us or submit a service request.

When you use the internet to access http://bsrs.in/, we collect technical data from your computer's web browser or another internet-connected device. This information includes how long a visitor spent on the website, which pages they visited, their operating system, preferred web browser, the website that directed them to us, and any search terms they might have entered to find our website. Each visitor to our website is assigned a unique internet identifier. No confidential information is contained in these server logs, which are only accessible by http://bsrs.in. Only website traffic tracking and improvements to user experience, content, and design are made using server log data. No effort is made by http://bsrs.in/ to link the identities of people who visit our website with the traffic data on that website.


We divulge your information to Bhavsagar Residential Society as well as to individuals, businesses, and organizations that assist us in providing services to you (e.g. services partner, social community partner, etc). We never disclose your information outside of what is required by law. In order to be clear, the following kinds of recipients receive your Information from us for the purposes specified in this Policy:

To help us distribute goods and services relevant to Bhavsagar Residential Society, utilities and living-related services (water, laundry, mobility, etc.), and payment services, we work with a range of outside service providers and vendors. As an illustration, service providers who help us with product development, software and website maintenance, and debugging; (ii) product authentication; (iii) allowing the provision of Bhavsagar Residential Society services through third-party platforms and software tools; or (vi) customer service, advertising, or payment services. These service providers are obligated by contract to protect and only use your information for the tasks for which it was revealed. They have access to your information as necessary to carry out these functions on our behalf.


Any updates to this privacy statement made after the modification date will be noted on our website. We retain the right to modify this policy without seeking the endorsement or agreement of any visitor from outside our company.

You agree that your personal data will be gathered, used, and disclosed on this website in the ways outlined in this privacy statement, including but not limited to disclosing your data to third parties in accordance with its conditions.