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Vision and Mission

Bhavsagar Residential Society

Vission & Mission

"To help every person without discrimination" is our motto. Our main goal is to give education to kids who don't have access to it, either because their family can't afford it or because they don't understand its importance. We concentrate on education because it is the foundation of the structure. Creating equilibrium throughout our lives enables us to comprehend and resolve any issue with ease. In addition to education, we put an emphasis on health and the environment so that they may lead the nation toward sustainable growth while also leading healthy lives.


We also collect items that are no longer in use, such as books, toys, and clothing (winter and summer). We will make sure to give all the items donated to those in need so they can be put to new use and create a "Great Smile."


Feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns
you may have. We’ll always be happy to assist.

  • +91 9876543210
  • info@bsrs.in